Time to revise your notions of what a chamber music concert is like!

Would you like to enjoy hearing Ravel with a glass of Riesling, or Bartok while sipping a Barbera?

Brave New Music presents informal concerts (we call them “sessions”) in non-traditional venues around Sonoma County, with Healdsburg’s PAUL MAHDER GALLERY, a spectacular event space, as our home venue. Drawing on the abundant pool of young chamber music artists in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as world-class touring ensembles, audiences are offered great music and the opportunity to hear high-caliber musicians play and talk (without attitude) about the music they love. 

In addition to some music from earlier than our own century, BNM's emphasis is on presenting new music, world music, and even crossover music on occasion. We also like to collaborate with other art forms, such as poetry, film, and dance.

Come check out one of our upcoming sessions and see what it’s like to experience beautiful music up close and personal. Hang out with top musicians in a relaxed setting and meet new people who also enjoy great music, fine art and local wines.

BE BRAVE.  Join us as we cultivate and celebrate sustainable new music!